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A Spotlight on Mill Pond Salon & Paulina Wollschlager

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing the new Mill Pond Salon owner Paulina Wollschlager, an expert cosmetologist with over ten years experience in the field. When I finally was able to catch up with her, she was between clients and on her way to a microblading appointment for permanent makeup.

She would be returning to her salon in New London before the evening was through to consult with a new client about hair extensions for an upcoming wedding. This girl is on the move with no sign of slowing down!

She was tired but exhilarated. “We’ve been working round the clock to get everything ready for opening,” she said, and though there might have been times I wondered if it would really pan out, in the end, everything far exceeded what I had hoped for.”

Of course, there have been doubters that there was a market for a high-end salon in a small town like New London. But the doubters are quickly coming around.

The moment you walk into the salon, you instantly know it’s something special. It’s easy to see why people are loving Mill Pond Salon. Experience cutting edge technology mingled with small-town charm.

I asked Paulina about her new salon and asked why she is so passionate about it. “I grew up in a small town, much like New London. There’s so much to love about the way of life, and I love love love that small town atmosphere.

But, like many women around here, I had to travel an hour to get to the salon I wanted – a salon that offered services that I couldn’t get in my home town.”

There’s no reason why women should have to travel so far to have the full salon experience. The experience of being pampered, being nurtured and listened to. “It’s not that women in rural Minnesota don’t want to experiment with the latest color trends and styles or have access to full services like permanent makeup or eyelash extensions.

It’s a matter of access. I was willing to travel but always wished that I didn’t have to go so far. Now I’m hoping to provide that same access to women who may feel the same way I did.”  

I asked Paulina about her decision to add microblading to her line-up of services offered at Mill Pond Salon. Surprising her the most is the reactions from her clients. “What’s amazed me is how many women want to give this serious consideration because they know what a time saving it is in your daily beauty routine.

I have clients who can spend 20 minutes on their eyebrows alone. After microblading? It’s a breeze! And don’t forget that permanent eyeliner can be such a game changer for women who want to look their best at a moments notice”.

Paulina explained to me that she knew early on in her life that she wanted to help people feel good about themselves. “I was one of those girls who was fixing all my friends’ hair as a kid,” she said, “but even then, it was about wanting them to be happy. I was watching for that confident smile, that light in their eyes that would say, yes! I love how I look!”

And now? Turns out that is still Paulina’s goal. At the end of the day, she knows she met her goal when her clients leave feeling like they have captured the essence they were looking to achieve.

“Women have more confidence in themselves when they like how they look, she says, and it’s my job to help achieve that. I want us both to know that it all came together and they feel good and happy with themselves. Then I’m happy too.”  

Mill Pond Salon is open and accepting appointments. The grand opening will be in May.

Check out the Mill Pond Salon website for a full list of services offered including hair and nails, eyelash extensions, makeup, both “for the occasion” as well as permanent. You’ll love how you feel.  


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    Mill Pond Salon extends beyond the usual salon because we believe you deserve to experience the same innovative treatments as those in the big city. We look forward to delivering a salon experience you’ll want to brag about. Our mission is to help you feel beautiful in every way.

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