Four Favorite Breweries To Check Out in the Willmar Area

A local brewery is a fantastic place to grab a delicious craft beer, possibly a great meal, and take in the local scenery and atmosphere. Whether a date night, a get together with friends, or a stop after work to unwind and relax, a brewery is a perfect place to enjoy a unique craft beer. The small and local feel you’ll get from visiting a brewery is an additional bonus to enjoying delicious beer.

If you love flavorful, robust, hand-crafted beer, and are looking for a place to sit and appreciate it, or even to fill your growler for home, these four local breweries will hit the spot. You’ll love everything from the wide variety of beers on tap to the fun and lively atmosphere.

Check out these four breweries in or around Willmar and start exploring the tasty hand-crafted beers they have to offer. You’ll have a great time getting to know their locally brewed craft beers on tap, as well as the friendly and unique ambiance inside their brewhouse.

Foxhole Brewhouse

The only brewery in Willmar, Foxhole Brewhouse, has been around since 2015. Offering an extensive list of hand-crafted on-tap beers, you’ll love their flavorful and aromatic beers. You’ll be blown away by the amount of on and off tap beers they have available, and there’s always something new brewing.

While Foxhole Brewhouse doesn’t serve food, they welcome you to bring your own food in to eat while you drink their delicious dark beer. Order something from another local Willmar restaurant and enjoy it over at Foxhole Brewery.

Aside from fantastic small batch brewed beer, Foxhole Brewhouse has lots of fun events to check out and join. From beer and yoga to chili cook-offs and live music, you’ll love spending time at Foxhole Brewhouse trying new beers and enjoying your downtime.

Goat Ridge Brewing

Are you looking for a beautiful and scenic place to enjoy a hand-crafted beer? Head on over to Goat Ridge Brewing to sit inside their taproom overlooking the river or when the weather is favorable, enjoy a spot outside in the beer garden.

The Crow River serves as a gorgeous backdrop to this amazing brewery. Aside from enjoying the view, you’ll also thoroughly enjoy the brew. From nine delicious, unfiltered beers on tap to cold-press coffee and house-made sodas, there’s something for everyone to sit at the bar and enjoy.

If you are hungry and looking for a meal to eat while visiting with friends and drinking tasty dark beer, check out the Model Citizen restaurant offering small and large plates, sandwiches, salads, and food from the grill. Grab a board game in the taproom or listen to some rocking live music while you drink your favorite beer. Dance the night away in the taproom in the winter, or enjoy a refreshing outdoor performance in the spring on the outdoor stage.

Whatever beer you end up drinking or event you come to enjoy, the view will make your time at Goat Ridge Brewing spectacular and fun.

Talking Waters Brewing

Take a short drive just a little less than an hour from Willmar, and check out Talking Waters Brewing. Where their motto is “Handcrafting your next adventure,” you’ll find many tasty hand-crafted beers that will satisfy and impress. From their light and crisp Farmer’s Tan to their dark and rich Mikko Milk Stout, you’ll love trying the various craft beers on tap.

When it comes to watching the Vikings games, Talking Waters Brewing is the place to be. Enjoy a game with your friends and a few beers, too. Aside from football, Talking Waters Brewing also offers live music in their tap room.

Talking Waters Brewing also hosts two trivia nights a month. Boasting a competitive atmosphere and excitement, you’ll have a blast with your friends and your favorite beer. Come to compete or watch the action, either way, you’re sure to have a great time and drink some great beer.

Third Street Brewhouse

Another short drive will take you to Cold Springs where you can enjoy some rich history and rich beer at the Third Street Brewhouse. Third Street Brewhouse has roots that run deep, dating back to 1874 with the start of Cold Spring Brewing Company. Third Street Brewhouse serves as the craft beer division of Cold Spring Brewing Company.

If you are looking to appreciate the complete brewhouse experience, you can take a guided tour of the brewhouse, packaging facility, and then try some samples in the taphouse.

Live and local music at Third Street Brewhouse will also entertain you while drinking one of their year-round or seasonal crafted beers. Enjoy an evening with friends or a date and relax while you listen to some great music and drink delicious ale.

Between the full historical experience of Third Street Brewhouse and their extensive list of on-tap beers, you’ll be glad you made the trip over.

Tackle Your Brewery Bucket List

If you enjoy trying different local hand-crafted beers, you’ll have a fantastic time visiting these local breweries. From one right here in Willmar to venturing just less than an hour away to try some others, you can check off your local brewery bucket list by starting with these four favorites.

Whether light or dark, you’ll find a unique and tasty beer that will hit the spot. The one thing all four breweries have in common is the dedication and care the owners of each brewery put into their hand-crafted brews. Their passion and commitment to creating delicious and unique beer are evident in each of their brews. With the full range of tastes and flavors, there is something for everyone at each of these four breweries.

Grab your best friends or that special someone for a date night and start checking out these fun and unique breweries. You’re sure to find a new favorite at each brewery, as well as enjoy the entertainment and events. Have fun trying out these fantastic breweries and all they have to offer!

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